The best of Liptov

Belá - the wildest river in Slovakia

Travertines of Bešeňová - the largest tiered travertine cascade in Slovakia

Bystrá - the highest peak of The Western Tatras (altitude 2248 m )

the articulated wooden evangelic church in Sv. Kríž - one of the biggest wooden constructions of the Central Europe, moved from Paludza in 1982 ( the ground plan in the shape of a cross is 43 m long)

Čierny Váh - the water reservoir located at the highest point (altitude 980 m above the sea level)

Choč - the highest peak of The Choč Mountains (altitude1611 m)

Ďumbier - the highest peak of The Low Tatras ( altitude 2043 m)

Cave Old Castle - the deepest cave of Slovakia in Jánska Valley (-432 m above the sea level)

Korytnica - the mineral springs set at the highest point in Slovakia

Liptovský Ján - the richest source of mineral water with capacity 35 l/sec.

Old Liptov Castle - the castle with the highest location, built at 1000 meters above the sea level

Liptovská Mara - according to the amount of backwater the most voluminous lake in Slovakia (360 mil. m3 )3 )

National park Low Tatras - biggest national park with area of 810 sq. kilometres2

River Váh - the longest river in Slovakia. Flowing across the Liptov Region in length of 80 km

Važec cave - belongs among well known European palaeontologic sights with its findings of bones from a bear, which inhabited the cave about 15 000 years ago.

Big highway bridge above Podtúreň village - the longest bridge in Slovakia which is longer than 1 kilometer

Vyšná Kresanica - Western Tatras – the highest located abyss in Slovakia
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