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Western City Šikluv Mlýn is the largest natural amusement park in Slovakia. It is situated in Liptovský Mikuláš at Aquapark Tatralandia. We offer a variety of amusements and attractions, showing them the life of the American West of 19th century. Stamping of hoofs, the smell of gunpowder and the charm of saloon dancers will take you away from your ordinary everyday reality into rough, but romantic atmosphere of the Wild West.

The amusement park Western City Šikluv Mlýn is divided into four parts:

Mexican – you can find here a Mexican restaurant called Mexico Hall, souvenirs, Bar at the Grave-digger

Cowboys´ - you can find a sheriff, Saloon Golden Nugget, Coral – sheltered place to ride a horse, small train Union pacific, refreshments at Cowboy Station, and sweet shop Sweet Sue here.

Indian – you can see teepees with Indians, try shooting with a bow and arrows, visit souvenirs Trapper and get refreshments at Indian grill.

Amphitheater – open-air amphitheater, in which you can enjoy western theatre 5 times a day and concerts of stars.

You can visit Western City in summer or winter; you can arrange a company outing or conference and experience an unrepeatable atmosphere of the Wild West with all its fun.


Western City Šiklúv Mlýn
Ráztocká 21
031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš
Tel: 044/55 97 158
Here you can get more info - : www.western.sk

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