Water Dam Liptovská Mara

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Important recreational resort in summer.
200 m wide and 1 225 m long at the foot.
Thousands of holidaymakers yearly reinvigorate at this spot. Great possibilities for swimming, surfing, yachting, school of windsurfing, boating, water cycling, minigolf, fishing, sightseeing by boat – Liptov, 80 seats, all that you get at a camping site - autocamping Liptovský Trnovec on the northern bank of Liptovská Mara. There is a beach swimming pool and category B camping site – autocamping.


Liptovská Mara is a water dam in central Liptov region, named after the village that ceased to exist when in 1975 the waters of the dam filled the area. The remnants of a Gothic church are the only reminders left above the water surface in locality Havránok. The church, put up on an older basis in mid. 13th century and rebuilt in 15-17th century was thoroughly examined and its most valuable architectonic and art details were moved to the open air museum in a village Pribylina.


ATC Liptovský Trnovec ,
032 22 Liptovský Trnovec
tel.: +421 44 559 84 59
fax.: +421 44 559 84 58
Here you can get more info - : www.atctrnovec.sk

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