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Two separate settlements are the parts of the complex of water mills. The upper (Gejdošovský mill) consists of the living house and separately built working object. The lower (Brunčiakovský mill) is one building with two rooms (living room and mill room). These mills are proclaimed the technical cultural monuments and they are on the list of the national historical realty monuments. They are one of the last remaining realty technical types of their kind in Liptov in their original natural place and in the valuable country region.

Visit us and you will not regret. It is an easy walk suitable even for the smallest family members. You will find out that nature and technology used to coexist in a beautiful symbiosis. There is a spectacular surrounding with majestic rocks around the mills. The clarity of the nature and the reconstructed original buildings ask for admiration. We would like to ask you to keep this when you visit.


Maybe you do not know, but the water wheel is the oldest engine in the history of mankind. It was the first invention using non-living power and so brought the civilization towards the technical age.

Wooden machinery of long-forgotten mills later showed the way to clock machine and, so to put it, even to your computer. (do not forget that IBM was built on the production of mechanical calculators full of cogged wheels)

That is why it can be interesting to take a look at the lives of people who put their minds into sophisticated machinery in Oblazy (not knowing they worked on the development of supercomputers… )

The mill was built in the first half of the 19th century and it was owned by the family of Dvorníkovičes. In 1936 it was replaced by a modern sawmill machine.

About the water sawmill

The machine was created by a company of Gustav Topham in Vienna at the beginning of the century. It had massive one-piece skeleton and new technical solutions. That was visible on the price – while in 1932 the whole mill with the property and land it was built on cost 200 Kčs (Czechoslovak currency), this sawmill machine, already 30 years old still cost unbelievable 15 000 Kčs!

Water sawmill, installed in the lower mill is a machine that stagers us still with its huge construction, strange beauty and characteristics.

Shortly after the machine´s installation the WW1 started and shortly after that came the February of Victory. People did not hesitate to deal with the “usurper” who wanted to bring technology to this lonely forsaken region – in 1955 the Region Office of Forestry forbade the sawmill´s operation. The machine was put to rest and gradually got so rusty, it was even impossible to steal its components.

In 1990 the rust was removed and the machine conserved. Later it was discovered, that thanks to its high quality and relatively short period of real usage it is still in good shape. Some components were missing, these were recently replaced and the sawmill is in operational state.


by the car to the Kvačianska dolina, then you must walk to the mills.

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