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Above the glimmering surface of the dam Liptovská Mara, where the dam wall is embedded in the mystic depth of a crag, the tale-telling hill Havránok towers up.

Fortified settlement Havránok is distinctive and striking dominant feature of the valley of the river Váh in central Liptov. It spreads on the steep spur right above the village Vlašky and no longer existing village Liptovská Mara. The outset of the settlement dates back to the Neolithic Age, continues with the Early Iron Age, to the Roman Age. The bulwark of Havranok with its Celtic cult centre presents mysterious picture of the bygone Pre –Slavic and Slavic past. Archeological research revealed dwelling with findings of ceramics, bronze neckwear and iron artifacts. Archeological evidence speaks of the Slavic settlement from as early as 9th – 10th century.
A lookout castle of a small size was built on top of the knoll, close to the ancient hill-fort, under the hill of "Úložisko", locality Rybníky and Za panskými humny. Situated to the west of the sacral grounds, it offered great views of major area of the Liptov Basin, bulwark above Turík, Sestrč, Belehrad, Krmeš and wooden folly – "Letohrádok na Pisárke" in Sokolče.


Havránok, a part of Liptov Museum, belongs to the oldest cultural sites of Liptov. It was designated a cultural monument in year 1967. It is archeological locality of the Early Iron Age settlement, dating back to 300 – 100 BC, the dwelling of early inhabitants of Liptov – the Celts.


Liptovské múzeum
034 50 Ružomberok
Nám. Š.N.Hýroša
tel : 044 / 432 24 68, fax : 044 / 430 35 32

Here you can get more info - : www.liptovskemuzeum.sk

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