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Dalo the wood-carver comes from Tatranská Lomnica in High Tatras. Since his early age a bond has created between him and folk traditions, folklore, traditional crafts, nature and sport. He was most interested in woodcraft. He admired the works of Master Pavel of Levoča and many others, who present their craft in a picturesque village of Východná in the local natural open air amphitheatre; for example “Grandpa” Siváň, Paľo Šarišský, Mária Hrabinská and Stano Polek.
After finishing elementary school he was educated in the field of woodcraft as a models maker, and later on he worked as a model maker for foundry industry. His other works were used as toys or some decorative items around the house at the beginnings. He carved his first sculpture out of a piece of log at a campfire side with his pocket knife. He gave some of his sculptures to well-known people as gifts at various events. He dedicated a statue of Ľudovít the Great to the city of Košice for the event of the Day of Košice. He participated in many competitions presenting his works. He had to change his qualification because of some health problems, before moving to Liptov he worked for the VSS (Eastern Slovakia Machine-works) and also as a masseur of physical therapy center of the Air Force Military Hospital in Košice. The wood work that he cannot do anymore as his job has stayed his greatest hobby. He is eager to present Slovak folk woodcraft at any occasion possible. It is the wood and the nature that gives him the healing energy that he can then pass onto his patients. At the present he lives in Liptovský Hrádok, where he works as a therapeutic masseur. What is special about his work is that even big statues are carved from one piece of wood, which is conserved with flax oil and polished by bee wax. Sometimes, especially with big statues, he carves them right in front of the eyes of passers-by at various town squares for various town events. He organizes meetings of wood carvers and he cooperates with many especially young woodcarvers. He promotes the woodcraft at his Dalo´s gallery on the rock in Kráľová Lehota, which is open to the public. He is the leader of carvers´ association and regularly contributes to a wood carving magazine called Dotyky a cesty (Touches and Ways). His small sculptures are valuable and rare even between the collectors. He has organized a few symposiums in Košice, Bardejovské spas, and Kráľová Lehota. At a symposium in Liptovský Hrádok called The Springs of Ash, Štefan Siváň junior created one of the biggest wooden sculptures in Slovakia. Dalo founded a gallery, where sculptures from many carvers are exhibited, and which is visited also by foreign tourists. Dalo´s own sculptures can be seen in many tourist resorts. He can be seen working in his gallery in Kráľová Lehota. Apart from the woodcraft in the gallery, he is creating a collection of old spinning wheels, which are also exhibited around the year. He organizes various exhibitions which help promote Slovak folk crafts.


When I first laid my eyes on that amazing little house at the end of one picturesque little village in the valley of the river Váh, which was just glued to the side of a rock with little space about, I was hit by the idea of creating a gallery of wood craft with motives of rock shapes immediately. It would bring a new way of cultural experience not only for the people of Liptov, but also for tourists coming to nearby High Tatras, Low Tatras and Western Tatras. (Dalo)


2006 Dalova galéria na skale, Kráľova Lehota č.152, Slovensko
tel.: +421 908 906 919
e-mail: rezbardalo@galerianaskale.sk
Here you can get more info - : www.galerianaskale.sk

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