Wood Carving Jakub Moravčík

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Choose from my variety of offered items and do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

- Sculptures in miniature, real and large sizes
- Production of interior accessories
- Production of stylish sitting furniture, benches
- Interiors and exteriors of mountain cottages and hotels
- Production of mugs, pictures, bar tops, lamps
- Garden ornaments
- Production of wooden wells
- Wooden signs, information and advertisement signs, posts… all wooden
- It is my pleasure to make anything for you, where wood, taste and art meet


I started with carving when I was about 13. After cutting my fingers a couple of times, I carved my first statue of Jánošík and gradually I had no more cuts in my fingers and the wood took shapes I wanted to get. Wood is a material which helps me relax and in many cases it helps me forget about the everyday reality when I dive into the secrets of wood.
I create mainly sculptures made of lime, oak and very often poplar wood. My sculptures are suitable for exteriors and interiors, too. Most are made in view of folklore carving tradition, but there are also some of the modern design. My main interest in carving is the figure creation, which I like best and it drives me to excel still more and more…


akub Moravčík
Belanská 575/18
03301 Liptovský Hrádok

e-mail: kubosvk@post.sk
mobil: +421 904 293352, +421 910 136 384

web: www.drevorezba.mojliptov.sk
Here you can get more info - : www.drevorezba.mojliptov.sk

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