Folkways and arts and crafts

Wood Carving Jakub Moravčík

Wood Carving Jakub Moravčík [Liptovský Hrádok]

Choose from my variety of offered items and do not hesitate to contact me anytime. - Sculptures in miniature, real and large sizes - Production of interior accessories - Production of stylish sitting ...

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Wood-carver Dalo

Wood-carver Dalo [Kráľova Lehota]

Dalo the wood-carver comes from Tatranská Lomnica in High Tatras. Since his early age a bond has created between him and folk traditions, folklore, traditional crafts, nature and sport. He was most interested ...

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Folk Music Bystrianka

Folk Music Bystrianka [Liptovský Hrádok]

At the moment, Folk Music performs mainly folk songs from various regions of Slovakia, they have achieved success at performances and they belong to the top Folk Music bands in the region. Some of the ...

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[Liptovský Hrádok]

In Cindruška, we occupy ourselves not only with dances and plays but we also talk about various holidays all year round and customs connected with celebrating these. Some of them we prepare and experience. ...

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