Važec Cave

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Važec Cave lies in the Valley of the river White Váh, on the western verge of the village Važec. The surrounding area of the cave is called Pod Vŕškami. The total length of the cave is 400 m, from which 230m are open to public. Formed in interesting type of basin karst in colours of grey-blue stalactite from the Middle Triassic Period it is combined with light dolomite. Although the Važec Cave belongs among the smaller caves, it is worth your visit and admiration.

The length of the cave route open to the public: 325 m
The tour duration: 25 min.
Open to public: 1.2.-30.11


A student Ondrej Húska was the first to discover the cave in 1916 and six years later it was made accessible. After further explorations of more underground space it was officialy opened in 1954 and in 1968 it was designated protected natural monument. The erosion and corrosion action of the Biely Váh waters in Pleistocene formed underground cavern space which moved underneath the surface of tectonic crevices, especially on leveled limestone. Because of this, the cave possesses the appearance of low extensive chambers, partially filled with river sediments. At the place of occurence of tectonic crevises cave corridors, domes and chambers were formed. The cave interior is embellished by colourful blue and white or wax yellow sinter infill. The floor is covered by thick stalagmites and flowstones. Stalactites, curtains and thin soda straws are hanging from the cave seiling. The unique formations surely are 2 m high and 80cm thick column, Coral Pool in Coral Chamber, White Curtains in Chamber of Huska, Gallery and Highwayman chamber. The bones of the cave bear (Ursus speleus) are preserved in river sediments.

Opening hours
From 1.1.2006 to 31.1.2006 closed
From 1.2.2006 to 31.5.2006 Tuesday to Sunday at 9,30 11,00 12,30 14,00
From 1.6.2006 to 31.8.2006 Tuesday to Sunday at 9,00 10,00 11,00 12,00 13,00 14,00 15,00 16,00
From 1.9.2006 to 30.11.2006 Tuesday to Sunday at 9,30 11,00 12,30 14,00
From 1.12.2006 to 31.12.2006 Closed

60 Sk adults, 50 Sk students, seniors SR and military servicemen, 30 Sk children aged 6-15 and invalids
100 Sk photo, 200 Sk video, 500 Sk extra admission.
When taking photographs and recording using of tripod not allowed


032 61, Važec
Telefón: ++421-44-5294171

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