Liptovsky Castle

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Castles of Liptov (Hrady a zámky Liptova) offer the possibility of getting to the ruins of Liptovský Castle, along the marked path from a village Kalameny. There is an archaeologic exposition in the nature. It belongs to the cadastre of a village Liptovská Sielnica.


Also called Castle Liptov, Liptovský Old Castle, Magnum Castle Liptovský, Sielnický hrad. It gave its name to the whole region. It was probably named after its initial owner Ľubota - Ľubtov Castlle, later changed to Ľubtov, after Hungarian influence and from that to its present name Liptov.
Preserved foundations of the castle, situated in an extreme location on top of the hill called Hrad in Chočské Mountains 1000m above the sea level, are accessible to public. Its ruins show the ground plan and functions of the feudal settlement destroyed and abandoned in the 15th century. The castle was built in the second quarter of the 13th century. The first written reference dates back to 1262. It used to serve royalty, protecting the borders of the country. It was inhabited by deputy of Zvolen District Governor, in the 14th century it probably belonged to Matúš Čák, from 1313-1337 to the royal Zvolen District Governor, Master Donč. Around 1340 the Zvolen District disintegrated into smaller districts, which used their castles as administrative centres. Liptov Castle with its attribute large – magnum (Magnum Castrum, Magnum Castrum Liptovience)became the district castle of the Liptov Region. The castle was taken over and occupied by the army of Moravian Count (markogróf) Prokop and Opolian Duke Vladislav, followers of the Czech King Václav IV. In 1399 the King Zigmund appreciated merits of noblemen in protecting the castle by rewarding them with donations in Liptov and mining territory. This way Mikuláš Gara achieved the title of Liptov District Governor and the castle. The castle was probably settled by Hussites in 1441, presumed due to the King`s donations in 1440 and 1441 to Ladislav Rikolfi from Šarišská Kamenica, under the condition that the new owner takes care of the reconstruction of the castle. However, in 1445 Rikofi was accused of looting and consequently arrested. He was granted a pardon from the King under the condition that the castle that became the centre of looting would be pulled down. There is only a mention of a desolate place in the documents from 1453. In 1454 the family of Pongrac were given the properties in Liptov, along with Likava and Liptovský Hrádok, Liptovský Castle, requesting its reconstruction. All three castles of Liptov and Oravský Castle were given to Peter Komorský, who became the District Governor of Liptov and Orava, by the King Matej Korvín. All the property returned to the King after Komorský joined the resistance movement of nobles supporting Polish kings and the King made peace (spišskonovoveský mier, 1474) with the Polish King Vladislav Jagelovský. Liptovský Castle was demolished to its foundations. For more than 500 years it was left to overgrow with thick forest cover, the only remnants – terrain relief and the remains of a wall give us the evidence of the casle`s location. Uncovered foundations were preserved after archaeological research which took place in 1975 – 1987.

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Obecný úrad KALAMENY
Kalameny 70
034 82
tel.: 044 4392256
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