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The tower of Hunyady was open to public in 2004 after extensive reconstruction, the exposition of the history of the castle is a collection of picture and tengible exhibits.


The castle was built in years 1335-1341. It was put up to watch over the passage across the river Váh near Ružomberok and important road from Považie to Orava Region and to Poland. Most probably it was built upon request of Zvolen District Governor Master Donč. From 1431-1434 it was held by Hussites and from 1435 it belonged to Hunyady family. In those times the four side tower served the purpose of entrance, dating back to the same year. The castle was a rather modest settlement, with the only luxury – glass windows, made by glassworks in Ľubochnianska Valley, which happened to belong to the castle in Middle Ages. The initial upper castle was reconstructed in the second half of the 15th century and a four floor palace was built in the north – west part of the platform. After the demolition of Liptovský Hrad in 1474, those days a district castle, the castle Likava gained the possession of the centre of wide spread royal possessions in the western part of Liptov.

From 1478 it became the possession of Ján, the son of the king Matej Korvín, who was born out of wedlock. Around the turn of the 15th and 16th century it pertained to the family of Zápoľskovci, in the 16th century to Krušičovci family, Pekryovci family and in the second half of the 16th century to the family of Illésházyovci. Rennaisance renovations, mainly in the south-west of the castle changed fortification systems and in 1642, the eastern gate - new entrance to the castle was built. The latest modification was the fortification built on the southern and western sides (1678 and around 1700). From 1651 the part of the property belonged to Thököly family and after the uprising of Thököly was supressed, in 1670 it became a part of Treasury. It served as an army shelter and a district prison. The castle was destroyed in the 18th century when it witnessed the fights between the Emperor armies and Rákóczi armies. It has remained a ruine since 1707.


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