Castle and Manorhouse Liptovský Hrádok, Grand Castle

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The whole area of the castle and manor house together with the other parts and the park will soon be open for the public. The history of the castle and manor house in Liptovsky hradok has helped to create a feeling of mystery.

In the future this historic building will not only be used for luxury accommodation, but also for concerts, exhibitions, and ceremonial congress.
The area of the castle built by Magdalena Zai in 1603 will be used for European meetings and the old castle ruins, after re-construction, will be open to the public.


In the 13th century the Gown (head of the province) of Zvolen built the castle of stone on a 5 metres high limestone rock, surrounded by a water ditch which is well preserved and has the appearance of a lake. The first reference to the castle is from 1341 as ,,Wywar” in later documents it is referred to as ,,Novum Castrum”, Novy Hrad or Hradek. The castle was built by the Royal Estate to control very important road called,,Via Magna” In 1433 the castle was captured by the Hussit, but was later occupied by Jiskrovci, after which the castle changed owners many times. In the second half of the 16 th century the brothers Valentin and Frantisek Balas rebuilt the castle. From documents that have been well preserved, we know that in 1579 they invested on renovation more then 3000 golden coins.
After they died in 1600 the castle and the manor house belong to Mikulas Sandorfy and his young lady Magdalena Zai. She was a widow of the castle`s previous owner. Between 1601 and 1603 Mikulas Sandorfy restored the castle in a Renaissance style, and added to it a Renaissance manor house. The renaissance castle was built using stone from broken castle walls. The ground floor of the castle was used for stock and a housing area for the servants, whilst the first floor was used to be accommodate the owners and their guests.
The castle was heavily damaged during the Rebellions of the Estates at the turnoff the 17-18 century. The Imperial General built strong defenses against the rebel Frantiska Rakozci. Later ,at the beginning of 18 th century the Imperial Leopold I. gifted the castle and the manor house toPrince Lichtenstein. In 1709 during the important battle of Svihrova between the rebel and imperials armies, the old castle was in destroyed by the rebel forces. In 1731 the castle and the manor house were bought from Emanuel Lichtenstein by king Larder. Extensions to the manor house were stopped in 1803 by a big fire at the castle.
After this calamity the officers of the king decided to restore only the manor house. The castle was from that year in ruins. The fire wasn`t the only calamity to occur at the castle. In 1813 during an extremely rainy summer there was a catastrophic flood. Between 1860-1874 part of the castle was used to house the district court and jail.
In 1932 parts of the old castle were closed for safety reasons. After further repairs the castle housed the museum of Liptov. Between 1990-2002 the castle and manor house were unoccupie


Hrad a Kaštieľ
033 01 Liptovský Hrádok
tel.: +421 44 520 77 11
fax: +421 44 522 52 84
mobil: +421 915 812 700, +421 915 812 900

Hrad a Kaštieľ Liptovský Hrádok
Holubyho 1
811 03 Bratislava
tel.: +421 2 544 169 09
fax: +421 2 544 127 71
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