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The thermal and mineral water springs on travertine knolls. The springs range from cold to very low thermal, from low to rich in carbon, nitrogenic, low mineralised hydrogen sulphide sources. The village springs are considered the richest source of mineral water in Slovakia (35 litres/second)
To the south of the village you will find a complex of summer thermal pools, an indoor pool, 50m pool, two pools for children and one pool for relax all use the water from Rudolf Spring, having temp. of 28.2 °C. For its proved therapeutic properties it is used as a treatment of skin diseases, locomotive organs, gynaecologic, neural and metabolic disorders, even cardiovascular diseases.


In the mid 19th century a little baths to treat rheumatism and gynaecologic diseases were established at the source of thermal springs. Jozef Gemerský set up baths, indoor pool and in 1929 – 30 a restaurant in his manor house, Grand Hotel Thermal and the baths were named Svätojánske Teplice. Later a pool - Štrandové kúpalisko was built and people from not only close but also distant places could enjoy the gift of nature. The baths Svätojánske kúpele became well-known before the WWI in Budapest and even in Germany and many tourists seeking cure to their problems visited the place frquently. In 1963 a new spring with temp. 29,4 °C was drilled.


Liptovský Ján
032 03 Liptovský Ján
Tel.: +421/ 44/5263 477
Fax.: +421/ 44/5208903

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