Mineral and thermal springs Lúčky

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Thermal and mineral springs in Lúčky are by all means worth your visit. The mineral waters are classified as natural, therapeutic, low in mineral content, with presence of sulphur, hydrocarbonate, calcium, magnesium and carbon, hypotonic and tepid. According to their chemical content they are petrogenic, they have indistinct calcio- sulphatic type of chemism. From gas components, free carbon dioxide plays important role by concuring in forming final chemism of waters.

Nowadays the healing properties of the springs in Lúčky are used in Therapeutic Spa in Lúčky.


Mineral springs in Lúčky are composed of six springs, to the north of the village, two of them having been drilled. Infiltration area of the mineral springs are the slopes of The Low Tatras. The mineral water comes from leveled compex from the Middle Triasic Period and Kežmarok Nappe.


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