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Thermal pool Bešeňová lies in Liptov Basin, surrounded by The Choč Mountains and The Low and High Tatras.
Opening hours
Thermal pool is open to public all year round, the water temperature depends on weather: thermal pool (34 °C), swimming pool (24 °C) and two children`s pool ( deep and shallow, 25 °C). There are also three hotel pools: relaxing (33 °C), swimming (24 °C) and sitting (33 °C) also available. Water slides, massages, beach volleyball, places to eat, direct entrance to jacuzzi and „wet Bar“ from the hotel, all that you get in Bešeňová Thermal Park.


Therapeutic properties of the thermal springs have been known since 14th century. Long ago people of Liptov believed water had a magic power to create life and thus they paid great honour to it. They used to dig wells to keep the drinking water in the vicinity of peasant settlements.Every household was proud of not only their delicious bread but also good water with its healing or even magic properties. Hot thermal springs (62°C) found in 1987, rising up from as deep as 1987m created the source of water for the pool today.


Bešeňová 136, 034 83
tel.: 00421/44-4392 429
fax: 00421/44-4392852
Here you can get more info - : www.besenova.sk, www.besenova.com

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