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Thermal pool Bešeňová lies in Liptov Basin, surrounded by The Choč Mountains and The Low and High Tatras. Opening hours Thermal pool is open to public all year round, the water temperature depends on ...

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Aquapark Tatralandia

Aquapark Tatralandia [Liptovský Mikuláš]

Tatralandia is the largest aquapark in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is a must-see and once you come, soon you will be back... It is open all year round thanks to the thermal water, of which ...

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Thermal pool Liptovský Ján

Thermal pool Liptovský Ján [Liptovský Ján]

The thermal and mineral water springs on travertine knolls. The springs range from cold to very low thermal, from low to rich in carbon, nitrogenic, low mineralised hydrogen sulphide sources. The village ...

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Spa Lúčky

Spa Lúčky [Lúčky]

14 kilometres in the north-east direction from Ružomberok, on the border of Orava and Liptov, Spa Lúčky is set, right below the Choč Mountains. The spa is well known centre for curing gynaecologic disfunctions ...

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Mineral Springs Liptovský Ján

Mineral Springs Liptovský Ján [Liptovský Ján]

In 1963, in depth of 95m, the spring (temperature 29,4°C) of which water is used to fill the thermal pools was drilled. It is also used as a source of drinking and therapeutic water. Teplica Spring, ...

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Thermal springs Besenova

Thermal springs Besenova [Bešeňová]

Bešeňová locality is another important spot of precious thermal and mineral springs. 14 springs rich in minerals rise in vicinity of Bešeňová. The water content varies only a little in temperature and ...

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Mineral and thermal springs Lúčky

Mineral and thermal springs Lúčky [Lúčky]

Thermal and mineral springs in Lúčky are by all means worth your visit. The mineral waters are classified as natural, therapeutic, low in mineral content, with presence of sulphur, hydrocarbonate, calcium, ...

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Natural Spa Spring (called the Tub)

Natural Spa Spring (called the Tub) [Liptovský Ján]

The water is: mineralized, hydro-carbonated and disulphated, strongly carbonic, with calcium and magnesium, hypotonic. It has healing powers with: rheumatism, female organs diseases, skin illnesses, and ...

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