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The Váh is our longest river. It represents a less demanding effort and is suitable for families with children.
Navigating takes place in a 6 seater dinghy with the possibility to sail also in a 2 seater, in any case try the one that will bring you more excitement and adrenalin.
1. Cerveny kut - Uhorska Ves
Navigating the passage from Cerveny Kut just a short distance from the confluence of both the Bieleho (White) and čierneho (Black) Váhu, through to a small water power station near the township of Uhorská Ves.
This has a stretch of around 11 km and flows through beautiful Liptov beauty spots. It takes around 90 - 120 minutes, depending on the depth of the water.
2. Lipovec - Strecno
Besides this stretch it is also possible to navigate between Lipovec - Strečno which has a length of 13 km, it`s a beautiful meandering river winding under Strečno. This section offers superb rafting in the last unregulated stretch of the Váh breaking through the High Tatras under the remains of an old castle and Strečna, a known rafting segment along both Margite and Besná.
Splavovanie Váh

Váh – basic informations
Open to all ages, it is not needed any experience with rafting.
Difficulties: low
Length: 1,5 hour
• Confluence Bieleho and čierneho Váh near to the township of Kráľova Lehota - MVE Uhorská Ves.
• Lipovec - Strečno
Price – rafting Váh
Rafting including a guide and equipment: Life jacket, waterproof jacket
Rafting - Váh 20,– € / person
Note: Given prices not including transport.


Mutton Sport Services
Liptovský Mikuláš

Tel.: +421 907 481 311, +421 905 390 255,

Here you can get more info - : www.mutton.sk

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