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Rafting and other ways of going down the river are part of water tourism, but not everyone has a clear idea about what is involved. Once upon a time, and not so long ago, it was a clear term. You took a canoe or a wooden raft, packed your tent, you got to Hron in Podbrezová and who had perseverance enough got to Štúrovo in ten days. One of the top experiences was running down Čierny Váh and Váh from Teplička to Kraľovany.

As the rivers got civilized into rocky regulated banks and there were still more and more dams and small or big water electric generating plants. So the water tourist had to look for new places and more interesting and exhilarating activities. He looked for mountain brooks and creeks harder to be reached. New technologies in boat building made new possibilities of their usage in wild mountainous streams.

River running art has developed so sharply, that today even the extreme whitewater runs and difficult water expedition can be counted as water tourism.


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