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The Belá river is the most visited and the cleanest natural river in Slovakia. You will not easily forget rafting on this river.

This is the only rafting on the wildest natural river of Belá in Slovakia flowing through the beautiful scenery of Tatra countryside under the magnificent peak of Kriváň. The Belá river originates from under Kriváň.

It flows through the area of Podbanské, near to the villages of Pribylina and Vavrišovo, with it ending in the town of Liptovský Hrádok.
On this river you can put all of your past experience into practice with the overcoming of difficult passages with a difficulty of WW III+.
With it`s sparkling water and wild country it forms an unforgettable experience for every water sportsman. It`s wildness and very cold water contrasts deeply with the thermal baths of Tatralandia.
Interaction with the crew through it`s many narrow and difficult passages is a necessity .
The Belá river will charm you ( maybe too much) with it`s large amount of jewels and natural hurdles.

Bela – basic data
Difficulties: high
Length: 2 hours
Distance: Podbanské /Kokavský most/ – Liptovský Hrádok
Navigated stretch: Min. 3 persons
Transport: In case of need transport can be provided
Restrictions: The Belá river is not undertaken all year round, only in the spring months of April and May, following on from the melting of snow and constant rain. The needed depth of water is 70 cm measured in Podbanské.
Pricelist - Rafting Bela
Rafting Bela 22 € / person
Rafting Bela - weekend 25 € / person
Rafting includes a guide and the following equipment:
• Life jacket
• Helmet
• Waterproof jacket
• Waterproof trousers
• Waterproof footwear


Mutton Sport Services
Liptovský Mikuláš

Tel.: +421 907 481 311, +421 905 390 255,

Here you can get more info - : www.mutton.sk

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