Ski centrum Jasná - Demänovská dolina (Demänovská valley) - Chopok

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ASNÁ under the Chopok peak is currently the biggest Slovak ski centre. Considering infrastructure, Jasná is divided into four resorts: Chopok north Záhradky, Jasná, Otupné and Chopok south.

All in total 31 km trails - 22 km on north and 9 km on south of Chopok, offering all difficulty levels, that is a guarantee of satisfaction for everyone (27% of the tracks are easy, 49% medium and 24% difficult). 6 lifts are suitable for children.

Lifts and cable ways are running from the above-see-level 900 m up to 2004 m asl.

Good snow conditions are guaranteed by a fully-automatic high-pressure snowing system York Niege (96 static snow cannons are installed on the hills, covering almost 12 km of the key running tracks). Approximately 2 km of the tracks is illuminated, thus allowing night skiing.

Important reinforcement of the centre transport capacity has brought the new Doppelmayer six-chair-lift with a „bubble“. Total transport capacity of northern and southern sides is 20 985 persons per hour.

Every lover of extreme sports and wild rides will surely enjoy three freeride zones , traditionally offering great snow conditions. Adrenaline and precise technique fans can anytime during the winter season practice/ride in a free-accessible snowboard park, open for both snowboarders and freestyle skiers. We have something for skialpinist too. You can try kitewing, snowrafting, paragliding, or ice-skating rink.

In addition to the above mentioned attractions, we also offer 2 finished cross country circuits/tracks that can be mechanically modified.

All ski fans can improve their skills in the ski school SNOW SPORTS JASNA SCHOOL offering a skiing and cross country equipment rental and a ski kindergarten. You can experience fun, adrenaline, competitions or ski contests.


Demänovská dolina (Demänovská valley) is spread south of Liptovský Mikuláš, on northern hills of Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras )with their main ridge running 82 km east-west direction. The highest mountains are exceeding 2000 m asl.

The most beautiful valley of Low Tatras is 16 km long. It starts from the main ridge, among the hills Ďumbier 2043 m, Krúpova hoľa 1927 m, Chopok 2024 m, Dereše 2003 m, Poľana 1889 m and continues due north to Liptovská hollow, having the sides bordered by massive mountain ridges. Besides remarkable sceneries, countryside and unique aesthetic views, the most dominant are Demänovský carst and Vrbické mountain lake.

On 1.8.1964 all adjacent touristically important places/localities Tri studničky, Jaskyne, Repiská, Lúčky and Jasná were put together to form a village Demänovská dolina.

Demänovská valley (especially its caves) was populated already in prehistoric times (this has been proven by various archeological findings, e.g. in the cave Okno). Later, some parts of the valley were used for iron-ore mining, some settled by shepherds, some by wood cutters. First weekend cottages were built after the World War I.

Discovery of caves and their opening for public, building an asphalt road and development of tourism (especially ski tourism) step-by-step put the valley on the position among the most well-known Slovak sport-recreational centers. Tourist possibilities are extraordinary good. Many marked pathways are crossing the valley and climb the mountain ridges, accompanied by the walking paths built in the valley itself.

Demänovská valley lies in preserved area within the Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT). It offers many various accommodation and food facilities, cable cars and ski lifts.


tel.: 044-5591 888
fax: 044- 5591 454
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