County Organization of the Slovak Hunters’ Union (SPZ) in Liptovský Mikuláš

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The County Organization of the Slovak Hunters´ Union in Liptovský Mikuláš administers Hunters´ Unions of upper Liptov region, approximately from the dam Liptovská Mara up to the eastern county border.

The Hunters´ Unions´ delegates are members of the County Council of SPZ (OR SPZ). The directorate of OR SPZ is elected at the County meeting of SPZ. The directorate prepare and organize county events and represent the County Organization in dealings with third parties.

Cynological Committee of OR SPZ

- Cynological Committee provides tests of the hunting abilities of dogs and organizes trainings for dog leaders.
Usually it organizes the following every year:
- Preliminary tests of scenthounds
- Tests of hounds
- Scenthound tests for small breeds
Shooting Committee of OR SPZ.

Shooting competitions
The Shooting Committee organizes the County Championship in shooting. There is a competition in small caliber trifight M 300, a competition in shooting at battery and at arch shooting range. The competition takes place once a year and about 100 competitors take part in.

Shooting training of candidates and tests.
Candidates for the first hunter´s ticket must go through practical shooting training as a part of tests necessary to get a weapons license. The training and tests are conducted by the Shooting Committee.

Control Shoots
The weapons license holders must attend control shoots periodically according the law about weapons and ammunition. These are organized by the Shooting Committee in cooperation with the Hunters´ Union.
Since 2004 the Shooting Committee has organized in cooperation with the Shooters´ Club Liptov a shooting league of Liptov M 300 and since 2006 also M 600 as a public shooting competition. 12 to 14 competitors take part in these in average, from the counties of Liptovský Mikuláš and Ružomberok, but also from some other neighbouring counties.
In 2005, the Shooting Committee organized for the first time the shooting competition The Prize of Liptov OS 40, as a closed shooting competition for the members of SPZ of Liptovský Mikuláš and Ružomberok counties. This competition was established from the initiation of the Shooters´ Club Liptov members and the main sponsor is a friend – hunter from SRN, Mr. Peter Rogowski.

Hunting Committee of OR SPZ

The Hunting Committee controls the quality and professionalism in breeding and hunting of game and the whole hunting economy.

The main aspect of its work is the cooperation with the state administration organizations on hunting planning, where it guarantees professional attitude of SPZ. It organizes together with the state administration organization an annual breeders´ show of trophies. It keeps arrangements issued by state administration in the area of veterinary care, such as collecting of samples for examination of KMO, Rabies and also the steps for preventing their spreading.

It usually annually organizes the following:

- Preliminary tests of scent hounds
- Tests of hounds
- Scent hound tests for small breeds


Slovenský poľovnícky zväz
Okresná organizácia
Ulica 1. Mája č. 40
031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš

telefón, záznamník, fax: 044 5523885
telefón: 044 5623084, 044 5623085
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