Cyclotourism – from Ružomberok, through Partizánska Ľupča to Bešeňová and back

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This route is about 28 km long with rise of 100 m. It starts at the green sign at the administration building of SCP and continues past Ludrovský church towards Štiavnica. In Liptovská Štiavnica, in the middle of the village, you take a left turn onto a dirt road, gradually ascending a hill Vrch, up to the village of Stredný Sliač. When you get down the hill to the village, bearing left, you get to a school and following the local main road to Vyšný Sliač. In the middle of the village you turn left onto another dirt road with series of short ascensions and downhills, which lead you to the village of Partizánska Ľupča, where you start to follow the blue trail markings. Then you continue on the main road no. 18 E-50 through Liptovský Michal – over the highway D1 to Bešeňová, which is marked as red cyclo-artery. You can take a rest in the village and visit the thermal pools. The route back leads through the villages of Liptovská Teplá and Lisková to Ružomberok.
The surroundings of this route are mostly hilly and mountainous, offering views of the southern part of the Chočské hills, Western Tatras, Low Tatras and a part of Large and Little Fatras. In Partizánska Ľupča you can see the traditional historic architecture typical of this region. This route is recommended to all people for its low difficulty and no need for special technical equipment.

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