Cyclotourism – from Podbanské to Tichá and Kôprová Valley

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Tichá and Kôprovská valley
Both these routes are suitable for family trips with children, they are quite easy.

Cyclo-routes No. 11 and 12 start at the same point, on the forest paved road, behind the Gamekeeper´s lodge, about 120 m from the bridge over the river Belá. Leading away from the main road II/537 these two routes go along the same way through a little rangy terrain for 1.7 km up to a crossroad at the Gamekeeper´s lodge Tichá (983 m/sea), where you can turn left onto the route No. 12 (Tichá valley) or right onto the route no. 11 (Kôprovská valley).

Route 12 continues through steady almost level grounds for 6 km up to 1114 m/sea (there is a wooden hut and a parking place), where it starts rising moderately until the ending point at a lumber lot at the end of the valley (length of this stage is 3.7 km).
Length of the route 12: 11.4 km.
Route 11 continues from the Gamekeeper´s cottage through a gradual rise with occasional level stages (length 6.6 km), along Kôprovský Creek up to Kmeťov Waterfall, (1280 m/sea), and comes to an end at a marked point.
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