Cyclotourism – around Liptovská Mara

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Around Liptovská Mara
Route: Liptovský Mikuláš – crossroad at Liptovská Sielnica (9 km) – Bešeňová (10.5 km) – crossroad at Partizánska Ľupča (3.5 km) – Liptovský Mikuláš (16 km).
Length: 39 km.
Rise: 300 m.

Short description:
The route winds around the dammed lake Liptovská Mara, through a little rangy Liptov valley, that has been deforested. It offers beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. It is possible to take a shortcut through the village of Vlachy. The whole route, including the shortcut, is well paved and suitable for road bicycles.

Detailed description:
The tour starts in Liptovský Mikuláš (577 m above the sea level, train station of ŽSR, route 180 Žilina – Košice) at the crossroad in front of hotel Janošík. You go in the direction of Liptovský Trnovec, route no. 584, pass under the railroads and through the village of Liptovská Ondrašová. You go past the right turns to Bobrovec and Jalovecká valley. After 5.5 km, you arrive at a crossroad, where it is possible to turn to the camp Liptovský Trnovec. It is situated next to a village of the same name and is the main recreation site on the lake. Practically the whole route around Liptovská Mara (especially its first stage) offers views of Low Tatras, Western parts of High Tatras, Chočské hills, including the view of the majestic hill of Choc, going towards the west, and also the High Tatras, including Kriváň, on the way back. The route goes on, following the road around the village Liptovský Trnovec, with the bank of the lake at one side. On a small peninsula between two inlets of the lake you pass a restricted research zone Ratkovie, where rare and protected kinds of birds can be found (on the left). After that the road leads a little up-hill. 4 km from Liptovský Trnovec, you arrive at the crossroad at Liptvovská Sielnica. The main road turns right into Kvačianska valley and onwards to the region of Orava. You follow the route skirting the lake to the left and after another 5 km there is the crossroad at the village of Bobrovník (585 m/sea). The right turn takes you to the village of Liptovská Anna, the left turn offers you the shortcut through Bobrovník and on to the dam. The road leads to the village of Vlašky, from there over the canal of the river Váh, through the village of Vlachy, where you pass under the highway and the railroad again, to the village of Krmeš and to the crossroad on the road no. 18 at the village of Ľubeľa. The length of the shortcut is 10 km and it shortens the main route for about 3.5 km. You can turn right in the village of Bobrovník, following a touristic trail of red, which leads to Tvarožná and after passing the village, about 700m behind it, you can turn right again off the red trail. The road comes to a viewpoint Úložisko (742 m/sea) at a transmitter tower after another 500 m. The main route continues straight through the Bobrovník crossroad, and then onwards, following a longer ascension to a pass. On the other side you descend along travertine hills to the village of Bešeňová (512 m/sea); where it is possible to bathe at the thermal pool (take a left turn at the mansion, then take the main road, the pool is at the end of it). The main route goes over the river Váh and the highway to Liptovský Michal, onto the crossroad with the road no. 18. You go left in the direction of Liptovský Mikuláš now. After another 2.5km you pass a turn right to Partizánska Ľupča and Ľupčianska valley, where also the Železné spas can be found, on to Liptovská Osada. You stay on route no. 18. There is not much traffic here, thanks to the highway going the same way nearby. Next about 12 km the road goes up and down moving along the surrounding meadows with many brooks cutting into them on their way from the Low Tatras to the lake. All the passages going uphill are very gradual and not steep. In the valleys of the brooks you pass the villages of Malatiny, Ľubeľa (where the shortcut joins the main route), Gôtovany, Svätý Kríž and Galovany. There is the last gradual rise after passing Galovany, after which you go down for about 5 km under the highway again, through the suburb of Palúdzka and into Liptovský Mikuláš again, to the crossroad in front of hotel Jánošík, where the route ends.

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