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Pony Farm is situated in the village of Pavčina Lehota surrounded by Low Tatras. The village is only 500 m away from the entrance to the Demänovská valley – Jasná. Demänovská valley welcomes thousands of tourists every year because it offers beautiful landscape sceneries and other attractions, for example the 3-km-distant Icy Cave and Demänovská Cave of Freedom. During the summer you can find perfect condition for hiking here, for example to Chopok mountain – 2024 m/sea, or Ďumbier mountain – 2043 m/sea. For winter sportsmen, it offers the ski center Jasná with superb ski slopes. There are also other sports attractions (an elevated wireway – Tarzania).
8 km from Pavčina Lehota you can find our cultural, historical and trade center Liptovský Mikuláš.
There are thermal spas and pools open all year round in the Liptov region – for example Aquapark Tatralandia (10 km), thermal pool in Liptovský Ján (10 km) and Thermal park Bešeňová (25 km).

About the farm
Pony farm is suitable especially for a family holiday, but also for people who like ponies and nature. For children it is a world of fancy. Ponies are perfect for their low height, they can pet them, groom them and ride them under supervision of a breeder. There is a pony called Black that every child is able to learn to ride on, a mare Isa and her already big foal Monty; and our biggest pony – of the hucul breed – Pejko, which came to us from Topoľčianky. All the ponies can be ridden on, or they can pull a variety of wains and carriages. In winter, they pull a sleigh. There is something for everyone here. There are also other animals living on the farm: Bodrík the dog, bunnies and sheep. Under the barn roof swallows built a nest and every year they bring up little birds. In the evenings you can see many creatures around the farm, like wild hares, or deer in spring and autumn. There are many birds of prey flying up in the sky, and many small birds of song singing beautifully in the morning.

We also have to do all traditional work at the farm and anyone who likes to work outside can join us. A lot of hay must be prepared for all the animals for the long winter, so we have to cut the grass, it needs to dry and be brought home. Besides that the ponies like carrots and beet we have to grow.

Service: pony riding with a supervisor

Riding on a historic carriage (3 adults at most, at least two people), necessary to book 1 hour in advance

Riding on an excursion wain (6 adults at most, 4 people at least), necessary to book 1 hour in advance

Bow shooting

Sleigh riding (3 adults at most); necessary to book 1 hour in advance.


Pavčina Lehota 130
031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš
tel.: 00421- 44 - 5548 146
mobil:00421-902 214 254

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