X-treme BOB – Mountain Bob-sled Track

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Top foreign technology allows you to enjoy a perfect ride down a one-rail aluminum track in specifically designed bob-sled for one or two people.

- The first track of its kind in Slovakia
- Actively spent time for the visitors
- Attractive and safe sports facility
- Bob-sleds are equipped with brakes allowing everyone to choose the right speed and the style of riding for themselves
- An ideal place to come to during summer holidays or just as a short family trips

Length: 1000m
Rise: 120m
Specification: 16 curves, 6 terrain jumps, 2 ramps
Conveyance of people: uphill on a ski lift Double – Max, downhill on special aluminum track
Average sloping: 23 %
Conveyance of people: children younger than 7 years of age only accompanied by a person older than 15, adults up to 100 years of age – no restrictions
Conveyance carriages: special sleds made of aluminum and plastic layer with four wheels and three independent brakes
Speed: max 45 kph
No. of sleds: 35
Transport capacity: max 230 persons/hour


Production year: 2007
Installation year: May 2007
Producer: Brandauer (Austria)


Hotel Bystrina 23
Demänovská Dolina
032 51

tel: 00421 918 430 565,
tel: 00420 777 693 429
Here you can get more info - : www.ziarce.sk

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