Amphibious hovercrafting - Mutton

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We offer you an American HP Scat hovercraft, which enables you to travel on any surface (grass, water, snow and ice), although the ridden hurdles cannot be higher than 18 cm and the slopes no more than 30 degrees, of course it pays to have the largest space for a greater experience of riding.
And what about braking? Hovercrafts are without brakes, which ensures a greater level of adrenalin in your blood. Following basic instruction you have at your full disposal a ride undertaken alone.
It is needed to arrange for a suitable surface,(with the agreement of the land owner).
Price hovercraft
Up to 4 hours 10 000,- Sk
Up to 8 hours 17 000,- Sk
With transportation it is needed to count with 18 Sk/km (from Liptovsky Mikulas)
Persons younger than 15 years must ride with family or with an instructor.
Technical information
• Double engined aircraft motor, with 40 horse power and with a maximum speed of up to 80km/h
• Flight height 15 - 20 cm
• Traversing obstacles up to 18 cm
• Slope accessibility of around 30 degrees
• Length 3.4m, width 1.9m, height 1.3m
• Weight 130kg
• Crew 1 pilot - the possibility of a further member is limited to the hovercraft`s performance


Mutton Sport Services
Liptovský Mikuláš

Tel.: +421 907 481 311, +421 905 390 255,
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konverzný kurz: 1 € = 30,1260 Sk
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